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The software is specialized in small to medium businesses to organize money in and out. We included user ratings from popular review websites to capture the overall impact of the software to actual users. Learn all about business accounting with our free ultimate guide. You don’t need crazy tech skills, buckets of cash, or dedicated staff to market your business. For most people, it’s probably going to start at about 25 per month.

Top Tools for Remote Freelancers in 2023 – TechRound

Top Tools for Remote Freelancers in 2023.

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You may have used invoice generators and spreadsheets in the past. I sure did when I started out—it was an agile way to start working, but it’s not sustainable as you grow. In the app, you’ll get acquainted with Ruby the Robot, a chatbot you can talk to when you click on the bottom-right help button. Ruby is good at figuring out what you want, offering you a collection of help articles based on the keywords you typed.

Reliably and automatically track miles with your phone’s GPS. Snap photos of your receipts and link them to expenses right from your phone. Both QuickBooks and FreshBooks let you pay your company’s bills using the software. On G2, QuickBooks support is rated 7.5 compared to 9.2 for FreshBooks. To find out which application has superior customer support, we can go back to G2 and Capterra. Both software programs have relatively intuitive interfaces, but FreshBooks is more beginner-friendly.

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https://bookkeeping-reviews.com/ first start off creating a company file and move onto setting up your preferences that fit your companies needs. There’s no monthly fee, and most features are free, but you will be charged transaction fees to use the Payments feature. If your aspirations go beyond running a small agency, QuickBooks is worth considering.


QuickBooks Online is the best accounting solution for most business owners and freelancers, but QuickBooks Self-Employed has perks too. QuickBooks is an online-based accounting software, and if you thought that Quickbooks was only for big business, then you would be wrong. Quickbooks actually is for any size business, even if you are a solopreneur or a contractor, and they have the perfect plan for you. Easier bookkeeping means less stress—and less work—at tax time. Record and store receipts and track mileage from the Quickbooks mobile app to maximize deductions and stay compliant.

Intuit Launches Quickbooks Version For Freelancers, Independent Contractors

All QuickBooks accounting products have incredible mobile accounting apps that are user-friendly and straightforward for on-the-go freelancers and employers alike. It didn’t really mesh well with how the bank accounts came in, and it just made my life a lot harder, so I actually used another software that I actually have another review for that. I use it for all of our invoices, so just like how the invoices how the bank charges and things like that came in a little funky quick list also doesn’t work perfectly with every single bank. Another pro of QuickBooks is that pretty much every accountant uses it. And it’s a really cool way that you can give your accountant access to your QuickBooks account. Wave accounting is another popular accounting tool for small business owners and freelancers.

  • You can add expenses to both QuickBooks and FreshBooks by taking a picture of a receipt.
  • Project accounting has the highest weight in the evaluation because most freelancers handle project-based transactions with clients.
  • All feedback, positive or negative, helps us to improve the way we help small businesses.
  • Assuming that you don’t even have an account yet, plan on about 30 minutes.

If you have employees, you might be looking for payroll software. Payroll is available as a QuickBooks add-on for a monthly fee. With QuickBooks, the reports available to you depend on your plan. But even Simple Start, the least expensive option, offers dozens of reports.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a good entry point for new freelancers, but it won’t easily grow with your business. My name is Scott, and I am a full time content creator who successfully traded a corporate paycheck for passive income and financial independence. As a matter fact, the invoices that a client receives from you have your contact information as the prominent info. The QuickBooks logo and QuickBooks branding is only secondary. Although, as a freelancer, you should probably be doing the same unless you have total fascination for filing your taxes every year or quarter.

One advantage of using an Intuit solution, though, is that you can upgrade to an application that’s more sophisticated while staying in the same product family. This allows freelancers to estimate their taxes throughout the year, for example, so they know how much to set aside each quarter to prepare April 15th. Users can access Quickbooks Self-Employed on their mobile devices remotely as it uses industry-standard encryption technologies to secure communication between stakeholders.


The Self-Employed plan lets you keep your business and personal expenses separate. You’ll be able to connect your business credit card to automatically track transactions. The accounting software will also help you maximize your Schedule C deductions and will automatically calculate your quarterly tax estimates.

Keep reading how to prepare a trial balance in 5 stepsr.guide if you want to get some ideas on how to earn money. Quickbooks offers a 30-day trial, so give it a try and see if it is worth purchasing or not. Forbes Advisor adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. To the best of our knowledge, all content is accurate as of the date posted, though offers contained herein may no longer be available. The opinions expressed are the author’s alone and have not been provided, approved, or otherwise endorsed by our partners.

By sole proprietor, we mean just about any freelancer, whether they offer a product or service. If you sell online via a third-party marketplace or you market your services on Craigslist, QuickBooks Self-Employed can help you stay organized. You can keep an updated list of your inventory, and when you invoice for an item, its stock amount will reduce automatically. FreshBooks didn’t have any native inventory management features until recently, although it did integrate with a couple of third-party inventory management applications. FreshBooks also offers some phone and in-person payment options through an Advanced Payments add-on, but QuickBooks is still the stronger solution for brick-and-mortar businesses. Luckily, both QuickBooks and FreshBooks make customer payments easy.


Software like QuickBooks Self-Employed can help you keep accurate financial records, but it doesn’t offer many analytic tools. In contrast, QuickBooks for small businesses includes bookkeeping and accounting features, like profit and loss tracking and management. These features can help you track basic income, get paid on time, and make the most of your end-of-year tax deductions.

Ultimately, QuickBooks Self-Employed has not yet delivered on the promise of being a “complete” freelance tax solution. However, it can still be a good freelancing tool for some individuals. In other words, if you’re selling products rather than services, we don’t recommend QuickBooks Self-Employed. Finally, most self-employed workers are required to file quarterly estimated taxes. Predicting your own taxes based on an annual income you haven’t yet earned is hard, to say the least. Reconciling is the biggest reason I encourage you not to use QuickBooks Self-Employed for your Photography business.


If you have one account that houses all of your income and expenses, QuickBooks Self-Employed can help you sort it out. Invoicing, bookkeeping, accepting payments, tracking expenses, and other accounting tasks don’t have to be so tedious. QuickBooks and FreshBooks are solutions that can make running your own business easier.

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