Venezuela Wedding Customs

Venezuelan wedding traditions are for the reason that unique and diverse since the people that celebrate all of them. From pre-wedding traditions to post-wedding celebrations, these traditional customs are a fun approach to prize the couple’s union.

Music & Dance:

From salsa and merengue to reggaeton and vallenato, music is an important part of a Venezuelan wedding. These Latina American makes are popular meant for weddings because they have cultural meaning designed for both the few and guests attending the ceremony.

The wedding procession:

The online dating first date statistics bride and groom will be escorted down the aisle in entrance of their friends and family members. This kind of tradition signifies the beginning of a fresh life along which is often combined with dances coming from traditional Venezuelan instruments like maracas or cuatros.

Flower girl:

An additional popular wedding party custom in Venezuela is the flower woman, who would wear the same clothes as the bride. In some instances, the bloom girl may perhaps carry a bouquet of flowers.

Ring bearer:

The ring bearer is a child who holds the bride’s ring. This custom can differ depending on the child’s age.

Feather charm bracelet:

In Venezuela, it is common for people to give friends and family down charm anklet bracelets to be a symbol of good luck. In the same way, guests could possibly be given troublesome best of luck gold coins, which will speak intended for the apostles of Jesus and symbolize riches and abundance in the relationship.

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